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What We Do


Originally formed as an independent record label, Healing Sun Productions has expanded into other diverse areas of the music industry, including music publishing, event production and film production. Through our partners worldwide we have built a solid/strong platform for our artists and releases. We welcome new business opportunities and connections and always look forward to working with new artists. If you wish to submit your work to us, please make contact with us via our Contact Page.

Music Publishing
Record Label
& Licensing

We also draw on over 40 years combined event management experience to host and produce events/performance.


We have just completed our first two film projects which were released in 2017,  Meeting At The Crossroads - An Irish Celebration of Music, Song & Dance along with Wearing The Green, a St. Patrick's Day documentary.

Healing Sun Productions & Music represents the publishing interests for songwriters such as:


Liz Madden

Shannon Lambert-Ryan

Fionan de Barra

Tommy Randles

Jenne Lennon

Cheryl Prashker

Dave S. Flynn

Brendan Madden


Selected publishing for David Curley and Maggie Estes-White


Healing Sun Productions was originally started as an independent label and since then the Healing Sun family has grown to include artists such as Jezzebelle, Nigel Clark, Runa, Liz Madden, Dave Curley & Mick Broderick, Niamh Fahy, Saby O, Jody, Tommy Randles, Jenne Lennon. Compilation releases include the Rolling N Orchestra, the Mantovani Orchestra, Billy Vaughn, Celtic Sirens, along with a large number of classical artists. Our contact base is expanding rapidly with recognized professionals in licensing, publishing and all phases of music production.